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collection of my work

Finished Work

Small zBrush project practicing hard surfaces with zModeller. Modeled in zBrush, rendered in Keyshot

zBrush Character that I worked on during my spare time (as well as learning zBrush). Final render in Keyshot, SubD 15M, 4k texture for skin.

Personal project Modeled in Solidworks, rendered in Keyshot

This project was exploring the landscape architecture field and what possibilities we have to 3D-print settlements on the Moon. Outcome was a book, documenting the project, a poster to put facts and data into a visual representation, also a physical working model. Arduino based robot with stepper motors and servos.

Created with Solidthinking Inspire and their material optimisation tool, re-topologised in Solidthinking Evolve and rendered in Keyshot.

Short personal project. Modeled in Solidworks, rendered in Keyshot.

Space Capsule Interior Design studio for Virgin galactic space shuttle. All surface design from Solidworks and rendered in Keyshot.

DRON is a small mood light created during a studio class with Copper ID in Melbourne. DRON is created using recycled timber and concrete and with it's twist top switches the light on and off.


Technical designer with a passion for cars and and engineering
Born with a Swedish soul, live in the heart of Australia.

I was born in the mid in-land of Sweden, enjoying outdoors and always had pets in my family. As long as I can remember, I’ve always appreciated great quality and good solutions. This have lead me into my current career choice, Industrial Design. This way of thinking combined with my previous experience of electronics and game development has brought me into a quite technical way of doing things. I’m far from an artist, more of a thinker. I enjoy seeing an idéa leaving that stage, going through development and actually getting created. That is what I enjoy the most, make great ideas “real”. I started out building PC’s and optimising hardware and fighting printers when I was around the age of 15. I got my first computer (PC) when I was 16 which was a Intel Pentium 166 Mhz running on 200 Mhz (!). From that point, the interest for computers took off and I started to help out repairing computers at a local PC educational center. I started high school a year later in electronics (in Sweden you can choose a direction in high school already), this taught me electronics, Windows NT (back then) and computer networking. Later I started a game development education focusing on Web based applications and we were programing in Lingo which was a competitor to Flash called Shockwave made by Macromedia. Adobe later bought Macromedia and basically stopped the development. I still have a great base on programming in Java based languages though which I’m very grateful for. After realising the game dev scene were a bit too virtual for me with only computer time I took a break from the studies and later when out traveling. After 3-4 months I went to Melbourne, AUS and was working as a removalist, thinking about my next move in life. During my time in Sweden before my travels, I made a test. A test that analysed my skills and my passions and presented me with a profession that I should work as. That test presented me with Industrial Designer as first choice and photographer as second. When I left for my travels my plan was to go back to Sweden and take up some studies in this area. This changed quite a lot as I arrived to Melbourne. Now doing my last semester of my honours program at RMIT and I can’t be more sure that I have found my future profession. Today I have a great interest in technology, 3D and electronics which is often the base of my projects. I use software like Solidworks, Zbrush and MODO for 3D and often rendered in Keyshot. In the electronics field I have a great interest for communication as well as more “engineery” things like cars and RC (UAV’s/drones) and on the side I’ve just finished a delta (Rostock) 3D-printer.

  • 3D

    Surface design, Polygon modeling

  • Drawing, sketching
  • Presentation

    Renderings, Visual communication

  • Electronics

    Electronics, Arduino programming etc.


Work in progress

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